Make the most of those special times at home this summer with family and friends! For over 40 years, Statuary World in central Oklahoma has been known for their fantastic selection of patio furniture, outdoor water fountains, clay pottery, and a variety of outdoor yard decor!! Come see us today!! 

Welcome to Statuary World

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Family Enjoying The Outdoors With Their Rainbow Playset

If your family is anything like mine, you are finding yourself outdoors more and more often these nice days. Long past are the doldrums of winter, replaced now with the sounds and smells of spring. Kids playing on the swingset... the aroma of a fire in the firepit... it all reminds me that the beauty of the outdoors feeds our souls. When my wife and I sit in our outdoor furniture and talk about whatever is on our minds, we feel more connected as a family.

The kids then run up to us with sweet sweaty smiles from playing so hard. The dog comes around, looking for attention, and almost...

Holiday gatherings are coming! Whether you need more seating areas for the adults, or outside activities to let the kids burn off some energy... Statuary World can extend your living space to the outdoors for the holidays!

Kids have Summer Fun on a Rainbow Play System!

With the kids out of school for the summer, all parents know that kids need to get outside for some exercise! Give your kids a Rainbow Play System!