Happy New Year

It may feel like the dead of winter but at Statuary World we are busy getting ready for exciting new spring shipments!! To make room for all the new goodies we are having a WAREHOUSE LIQUIDATION SALE! Come enjoy the savings and start planning your outdoor living space long before the temperatures rise. Cheer up those winter duldrums with our large selection of glazed pottery for your indoor or outdoor decor. We continue to stock outdoor furniture, fountains, decorative garden accessories, and gas grills throughout the year.

Welcome to Statuary World

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Rainbow Play Systems

As the days count down to Christmas, you still have time to get the kids a Rainbow Play System!

We have select sets of all sizes currently in stock. We also still have a limited number of available install days open before Christmas, so if you need Santa's elves (wink, wink) to install your set for you, hurry up and get on our schedule!

You also have a couple other options available. You can pick the set up and install it yourself, or you can plan for a later install (like after Christmas or New Year's).

Family Enjoying The Outdoors With Their Rainbow Playset

If your family is anything like mine, you are finding yourself outdoors more and more often these nice days. Long past are the doldrums of winter, replaced now with the sounds and smells of spring. Kids playing on the swingset... the aroma of a fire in the firepit... it all reminds me that the beauty of the outdoors feeds our souls. When my wife and I sit in our outdoor furniture and talk about whatever is on our minds, we feel more connected as a family.

Holiday gatherings are coming! Whether you need more seating areas for the adults, or outside activities to let the kids burn off some energy... Statuary World can extend your living space to the outdoors for the holidays!