Back To School!

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 10:12am
Mom watches through the window as children play!

As a new school year gets started, the kids are once again finding themselves sitting at a desk for hours each day. When they get home, they need to do something different than sit in front of a TV for a few hours more. We all need fresh air and exercise, but kids especially need it because healthy activity sets them up for a better chance at a healthy life. With a Rainbow Play System in your yard, kids have fewer reasons to sit on the couch, and more reasons to get moving!

No matter what the mix of ages, we can provide you with a Play System that goes beyond just being a swingset. You might have...

  • a little monkey who wants to hang from monkey bars and a trapeze
  • a social butterfly who invites the neighbors over to play house
  • an aspiring mountain climber who loves the Rock Wall
  • even a teenager that still enjoys to swing or slide now and then

Give your kids recess when they get home! Kids who are more physically active outside of school have a better chance of doing well in school.

Send your kids back to school with help from Rainbow Play Systems!