King Kong Feature Clubhouse II (87A)


The King Kong Clubhouse is Rainbow's 6th and tallest size clubhouse design. Our King Kong Clubhouse is absolutely the BIGGEST clubhouse in America! A double decker fort with a 7ft 2" tall top floor and a 5ft 2" tall second level. A GREAT play system for families with big kids and little kids! Expandable add-ons include the package III monkey bars, the package IV penthouse, and the package V enclosed spiral slide added to the penthouse. All roof options available (Rainbow, Forest Green, or Wood roof) and a variety of swing options. Customize and personalize your child's play system with Rainbow's ginormous selection of universal accessories.

Design 87A * Contact store for in stock sale price. Product has MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) requirement. For price quotes use Product Question form below, call us at North I-35 (405) 478-7000 or Reno (405) 350-7400, or visit one of our 2 store locations open 7 days a week. Delivery and installation available for an additional charge.


  • (2) 5.2 FT X 10.4 FT Dual Decks Clubhouse 
  • Heavy Duty Canopies
  • 4" x 6" Timber Easy Climb Step/Rung Ladder w/Handles
  • 15 ft Super Scoop Slide
  • Grab-N-Go Bar Above Slide
  • 4" x 6" Timber A-Frame Legs
  • 3 Position Swing Beam w/Header
  • (1) Pair Cozy Rails
  • (9) Vertical Spindle Rail Panels
  • (2) Sling Swings 
  • Trapeze/Rings Combo with Vinyl Dipped Safety Chain
  • (3) Pair Commercial Grade Swing Hangers
  • (2) Pair Safety Handles
  • Ship's Wheel
  • Binoculars
  • Double Deep Sandbox
  • Picnic Table
  • (2) Sling Swings with Vinyl Dipped Safety Chain
  • Knotted Rope w/Disc


Specs / Measurements
  • Unit Height: 14.5 Ft
  • Unit Width: 26.5 Ft
  • Unit Length: 22 Ft
  • Deck Height: 7Ft 2" & 5 Ft 2"
  • Slide Length: 15 Ft
  • Swingbeam Height: 10.5 Ft

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