Welcome to the original Rainbow Play System's factory-direct showroom for central Oklahoma since 1990.  We offer complete delivery and installation service. Rainbow is known for its flexible designs that allow today's modern day tree house to grow with your child!  Visit one of our two metro Okc locations on North I-35 or on Reno west of Portland to see these play systems up close and let the kids try them out!  Rainbow Play Systems is an American company and the industry leader celebrating 32 years of making innovative designs since 1985. Rainbow uses the finest materials including 100% natural chemical-free wood, dual-bolt construction, and commercial-grade hardware. Rainbow offers the largest selection of swing set variations and options to customize your child's play system.

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Oklahoma has a tendency to throw weather changes our way more often than we would like... but one thing that doesn't change is the fact that kids need time to play, especially in the shorter days of fall and winter. Shorter days means less time for kids get the sunshine they need for vitamin D production. It also means less time for exercise and healthy play.